It’s Gracy’s 15th Birthday  (dob June 15, 1992)  Ch. Acton’s Gracy Blu-Byu v Grimloc

(Affectionately owned by Glenn Harms & Mike Van Loo – Grimloc AmStaffs in Yoncalla, OR USA)


   When I got up this morning – I sang “Happy Birthday”;  to her and she wagged and gave me a kiss; then when Mike got up he sang to her, also with the same response …… ‘SHE KNOWS!’ And, thanks to Christine & Roger Parker, her breeders; that this day of 15 years has transpired.  Gracy has contributed so many delightful moments of pleasure into our and so many other’s lives over these past 15 years that it seems like this should go on forever, but we all know that after a couple of mini-strokes – even if she still runs around, enjoys playing with puppies, canvassing her domain here at our ranch and life in general; that all good things can succumb to pleasant past experiences & memories.

      And, as tradition has it – I took take her ‘Bird Hunting’ this morning.  She is so loving to all creatures but when I get out the shotgun, load it with shells and once she see’s & hears the cocking of shells she is at the door prancing & jumping in gleeful anticipation.  To reflect upon her gentler side this story is soooo sentimental of her reactions to ‘critters’ ‘n children over the years.  When ever we have ‘company’ Gracy has to great with a open heart everyone equally (children a lil’ more, though). A couple of weeks ago a family with two lil’ girls ages 5 & 8, came to pick up their very small Netherland Dwarf bunny that they were purchasing as ‘their’ family PET; and upon getting to know their ‘new’ bunny on our living room floor – Gracy so very gently picks up that bunny (named “Rose”) and carried to nestle with it on one of her doggie beds. Talk about a Kodak Moment filled with uuuhh’s ‘n aaahhh’s.

    She also accompanied me for a couple of hours this morning while I watered, weeded & hoed our Dahlia Gardens. ( )

    This composition is a tradition with us to embellish this remarkable ‘Grand Lady’.  “She has been a total ‘JOY TO BEHOLD’, and has now given her legacy to so many ‘GREAT’ AmStaffs – world-wide!” There are numerous influential dogs toting Gracy in their pedigrees through some of her son’s/grand-sons and down the line like: Ch. Grimloc’s Rudy Gone Woody, Ch. RootNTootN’s Ruff N Ready (who was bred into the Michl R lineage as a foundation sire), Australia’s Ch. Grimloc’s Ace’s High v Stafface, France’s Ch. Grimloc’s Grins along with our younger males: Duke, Ready-N-Able, Ben-E Fact’R plus so many others.  

   Attached are some Special Portraits of a ‘Legacy Grande` Dame’ that I snapped this morning along with this evening’s special Strawberry Shortcake that was topped with whipped cream and her favorite desert, Ice Cream.

   Recently we composed a new phrase to use in our advertising and in our web-site for the AmStaffs: “It’s not always how close to the ‘tree’ you scratch the soil; but how concentrated the line-breeding is that produces the actual image of lineage that you depend upon.” And this saying will be placed on our Grimloc web-site near pictures of puppies that carry Gracy in their pedigree 10 times; like Grimloc’s Sierr-N T’Lea Yours (“Lea”), Damien, Roz-L’N, Bruno, Tak-N on dah Ritz, Bean-R plus others.

   Here’s hoping that some of your ‘special’ loved ones can ‘get’ & ‘give’ for a long time also;

   Glenn & Mike – P. O. Box 151Yoncalla, OR 97499


   P.S.   Some of you may not have read all of the tributes composed about Gracy on her page of our web-site. If you have not – here is the link to Gracy’s page in our website:

    The one that says ‘Profile’ is a reprint from a Dog Magazine in Australia (a few years back); that monthly tributes an influential dog, that is from outside the Australia Continent to feature as their monthly special American Staffordshire Terrier that has made an influential contribution to famous dog’s heritage.