June 15, 2004

Horray - what a gorgeous sunrise and morning with a low temperature of 50.4 degrees and numerous colours in the sky and clouds....and the 10 day predictions claim no precipitation until possibly on next Wednesday; and high temperatures for later this week into the 90's! ("WOW", summer is here and so is that drasted HAYIN'; which we will probably start dropping/cutting-mowing hay Soon, then raking and baling with the eventual hard task of hauling-elevating up and stacking into the barn for the years' forage for our 16 horses).

The garden is growing great - all 425 dahlia plants, assorted fruits and vegetables! The BOUNTY this year should be tremendous - with much canning and a full pantry.

"There is such greatness in the western Valleys of Oregon".

The TODAYS - SPECIAL - GREATNESS is that of CELEBRATION for our BELOVED -- ''STAR"; "GRACY" (our beautiful American Staffordshire Female Ch. Acton's Gracy Blubyu v Grimloc); for TODAY is her 12th birthday. Being born on a Leap Year surely forecast her ability to LEAP into the hearts and souls of so many people to whom she has had the privilege to "TOUCH" during these last 12 years. When we first started showing her 11 1/2 yrs ago; there was a lil' girl who was at most of the shows accompanying her parents who were (booth) vendors of doggie supplies - and that lil' girl was extremely naturally gravitated to Gracy & Gracy to her. One day (and mind you Gracy was still a puppy) this lil' girl yells out "Gracy" from across the dog show building and Gracy broke away from my grasp on her leash and ran thru 2 rings of dogs showing to get to that lil' girl on the other side of the building, to rekindle their fond bond they had formed.

Given, to her aristocratic natures of lounging queenly on the back of davenos in the ruling window overlooking her domain; she also can emerge from this titled role to play with kids of all ages in the snow, romp in the sea's tides, help load horses into trailers & carry back a shot (bird-hunted) quail, dove, pheasant or turkey. Over the years Gracy has instilled this warmth to so many people also towards kittens, bunnies & chicks; but give her the privilege to go 'bird hunting' and she energizes the fields and will 'point & hold' birds to the level of many a sporting dog's abilities. Since she was a puppy she also helped us raise one of the most sweetest girls in the world; (who is also 12 yrs old) our great-niece, Annalicia – who lovingly showed ‘her’ Gracy to a veterans win 3 yrs ago.

She has not only given us 12 wonderful years of being OWNED and manipulated by her, but in her litters to Redneck, Roemeo, Tommy Gunn & then to her grand-son Redford; she has populated a whole requiem of offspring world-wide, that are carrying her 'name' - some as far back as into their 7th generation.

We have shown her many times since her retirement years hit her, winning even at 9, 11 and then again just 2 days ago - Best Opposite of Breed (and not even from the Veterans' class). At this, "her BIRTHDAY" show on Sunday; she warbled and yelped in our vehicle upon approaching the show grounds & continued her 'sounds' as being led all the way into the competition building, prancing to her height of enthrallment. Accompanying her and winning Winner's Dog was our younger male "Grimloc's Ready-N-Able" (her great-great-grandson); and now, as this is being typed; she is playing with her 'new' 6 wk. old grand-daughter "Grimloc's Sonnet of Pirouette". Gracy's attitude is bring me all the kids (human or animal) you want and I am always willing to befriend them.

So many of us could reap benefits from her and many of our four legged 'critters' attitudes towards others.


The Picture attached is of "Gracy" pointing and holding a dove while hunting just a few days ago.

Hope y'all have a SUPER day; Glenn & Mike 'n Gracy, too! (Grimloc AKC AmStaffs - Yoncalla, OR USA)


"Thank-you Christine & Roger Parker / Acton Kennels; for breeding such a wonderful cog in our lives."