Sunday - June 15,'03

Gracy 12th birthday

Gracy 13th birthday


 It was 44.4° and nice 'n clear 'n sunny this morning.  "What a wonderful day is it, too!"

   Today is the day we get to Honor a 'Great Lady' on her Birthday - Ch. Acton's "Gracy" Blubyu v Grimloc (our Blue-Fawn American Staffordshire Terrier) who was born  11 yrs ago on June !5, 1992 and 'Thank-You', Christine and Roger Parker for breeding this girl who has so "ENHANCED" ours and so many others' lives. (Also, today we celebrate the 1 yr. birthday of her great-great-grand-daughter Grimloc's Drive-N Ms Dais-E - who just started her show career a month ago.)

   Gracy has never met an enemy nor a threat and has always greeted every person (especially children and young animals of all species) with accelerated enthusiasm and warmth; and has always welcomed every incident with the utmost of love, curiosity and enjoyment. (And, "OH JOY!", she just got a bathe this morning 'cause she just sniffed the grass on a skunks' trail.)  She has the uncanny ability to "pose", like a carefully draped throw over the back of a davenport; but offer her the opportunity to go game-bird hunting and she will "point-n-hold" a pheasant with her perfect natural ability. 

   Gracy is one of the ultimate ambassadors for the AmStaff community.  She shows well, produces well and has the magnetism for getting and giving 'LOVE and PEACE'.



(here are pictures just snapped of her this morning, while out canvassing some of the property of

our ranch, and as you can see - that tail never stops wagging, Ms Dais-E is in picture to the right)


   You can also read an article that was so graciously published in the Oct-Nov 2002 Issue of the South Australian American Staffordshire Terrier Clubs newsletter honoring outstanding representatives of the breed (outside of their country) by clicking on "Gracy's Profile" on her Champion Page in our website.


Best to y'all;  Glenn and Mike

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Gracy's 13th birthday

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